Mark Dyck – Our VP Ops (and people) Soars To 25!

If you’re lucky enough to have worked with Mark, you’ll know our VP Operations, and pilot in his downtime, is all about people. If you have not, you’ll know it by the end of this story.

Over the years the ownership has made me feel like an integral part of the organization. I hope to make others feel that way. – Mark

Thank you Mark for making time to share some highlights from your quarter century with DFI.

Q: Biggest DFI success story?

Hmmmmm. What I’m most proud of? I’m all about our people. Years ago, there was an employee that needed help and guidance because of an addiction, I provided mentorship to help him get through that. This was by far the most rewarding and memorable experience.

Also, my claim to fame is that I was the first guy to drive the first pile that came out of the pipe mill! (Make sure to check out the Pipe Mill 20 Years Strong + New Cut Off Saw! blog.)

Q: Who are your favourite peep(s) at DFI? What about Mentors?

Well, I’ve gotten to work with a lot of great people over 25 years!

When it comes to those I’ve been closest to…

Barry Jordan definitely tops the list. He is one of our Piling Operators; we worked as a team for quite a few years (I was an operator and he was a rigger). We spent all day, every day, together.

Wade Thompson as well. He was very much my peer over the years. We started at the same time as operators, advanced together, and as co-workers we got along very well.

Another is Chris Whitford. I admire and respect his intelligence and knowledge about people, equipment and maintenance.

When it comes to a true mentor…

John Armstrong hands down. He saw the value in people! During my time at DFI, he worked here a couple of times and filled many roles. Most importantly, he was a team builder and all about helping our staff to develop, learn and grow. He was very easy to talk to, his advice was always sound, just a stand-up guy.

Q: 25 years is a long time (unheard of these days). What made you stay?

Early on when I first started, I really valued being part of a small family owned and operated business. Over the years, as the business grew, I was also given the opportunity to grow in various roles. This kept me engaged and challenged. Now, here I am, VP Operations.

Q: Why DFI?

The root culture and how it aligns with me – when you feel valued and respected, it’s hard to leave.

Plus, there’s always a challenge! It’s exciting working for an innovative, risk-taking company that aims to be at the forefront. Despite our size, DFI still has a very entrepreneurial feel and hasn’t lost it’s family-owned spirit.

Q: What’s in store for the next 25?

Hopefully in another 25 I’ll be retired. For now, I’d like to continue to focus on both growing as a person and within our organization. My vision is to help the company adapt so it’s ready for the future by leading the charge on expanding into emerging industries.

Q: Let’s wind this up by going back to the beginning… tell us about your first day at DFI.

It was a s&%t show! It turned out to be a twenty-hour-day! Anything that could have gone wrong – did. I visited a job site near the Rycroft branch to help with a very basic job. It started to rain, quickly turned into a mud hole, and I had to get towed out.

I – still – showed up the next day. (And that’s how you get to be VP Operations!)

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