Civil Drilling

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Civil Drilling For Foundation Systems

We are DFI, your one stop steel-piling source, and we’re proud to offer civil drilling as part of our comprehensive list of services to clients worldwide.

Drilling holes in the ground is often required in advance of installing a foundation system when geotechnical conditions demand it.

We utilize a large mobile fleet of customized air drilling units and auger drilling rigs that can handle most soil and rock conditions.

Civil Drilling Applications

When it comes to pre-drilling with DFI, consider it handled. We drill for steel driven piles, helical piles and sheet piles, as well as driven concrete piles and cast-in-place piles, in the following industries:

Civil Drilling Equipment

DFI’s owns and operates a fleet of DM30 civil drilling units that have been purpose-modified to increase productivity and safety. We are capable of drilling depths up to 30 meters and diameters up to 400mm. These units are well suited for operating in rough terrain, are self-leveling and self-erecting. Additionally, they are uniquely suited to adapt to a wide variety of geotechnical conditions.

DFI can change between a variety of drilling bits and techniques within minutes.

  • Auger Drill Bits (loose soils)
  • Blade/Wing Cutting Bits (for clay and low strength shale)
  • Tri-Cone Rotary Drill Bits (for mudstone and sandstone)
  • Downhole Hammers (for hard rock)
  • Casing Advancement (sand zones)

The DFI Advantage – Civil Drilling Capabilities Unique To DFI

DFI has developed and modified, and continues to evolve, our fleet of drilling equipment to perfectly complement our proprietary fleet of RGZ piling rigs.

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