Pile Installation

Proprietary & Purpose-Built Equipment

Our proprietary and purpose-built equipment allow us to tackle tough terrain in remote locations, harsh climates, tight overhead spaces, and environmentally sensitive sites. Usually, we can address issues right in the field as they arise.

Meet Our Esteemed RGZ Crane

DFI’s proprietary RGZ cranes (track-mounted or rubber-mounted) have proven time and time again to be the best multi-purpose pile installation equipment in the piling industry. Purpose-built means that we prioritized functionality and durability to optimize piling operations when designing this piece of equipment.

Our track-mounted RGZ cranes deliver in the most rugged situations. Agile and light, they can be hauled to site and set up faster and easier, making them cost-effective and efficient.

Our rubber-mounted RGZ cranes can carry their own equipment to the job (think hammer, leads, even piles).

Driven Pile Installation

  • Handle pipe piles, sheet piles, H piles, and timber piles.
  • Deliver 131% kinetic vs. potential energy differential.
  • Drive piles up to 26 metres in continuous length, one of the longest available.
  • Drive piles up to 914.4 mm in diameter.

Helical Pile Installation

  • Install an industry leading continuous length of 23 metres.
  • DFI drive heads can deliver up to 400,000Nm of torque.

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