Pile Manufacturing & Supply

Proud To Own & Operate A Piling Pipe Mill

Proud to own and operate our very own independent piling pipe mill in North America, intentionally designed to rapidly respond to customers’ changing needs. We also source piling materials from numerous pre-qualified mills in other countries. Additionally, DFI maintains a healthy stock of piling material to satisfy urgent project needs.

DFI Chinchilla Yard – Stocked & Ready!

At any given time, our Chinchilla yard has a large amount of piling inventory – think driven, helical and sheet – which enables us to start projects quickly and respond promptly to changing project demands. When necessary, we can suggest pile design alternatives that make use of our current stock.

Additionally, our representatives in Asia can source high quality product for import. Our extensive experience in supply chain management, and the logistics involved, enables us to schedule jobs with confidence and minimize risk.

What We Do Services

Engineer working on pile design
Pile Design
DFI Piling Pipe Mill
& Supply
Surveyor laying out piles
Pile Survey
Drilling Close Up
Civil Drilling
Pile Installation
Pile Installation
Pile Testing
Pile Testing
Pile Cap Supply & Install
Pile Cap
Supply & Install
Pile Extraction
Pile Extraction